Apologies and holiday snaps

The last time I updated this blog was over a month ago and I am ashamed. I am a bad blogger.

I have wanted to write, I really have, but I haven’t been able to decide on what exactly to say. My mind has been too much of a muddle to just sit down and write something that would make any sense.

I actually went on holiday at the beginning of this month as well. After several hesitations I booked flights to see my friends Stuart and Cheryl in San Francisco. For months I said I would visit them, but I never actually thought I would because of my anxiety about money and travelling there on my own. It wasn’t until my manager forced me to book time off and get it sorted, that I found myself one Saturday night back in March booking myself on to flights, checking and triple checking everything, and confirming my card payment with sweaty palms and a beating heart. I couldn’t believe I would be going.

But went I did and it was fantastic. It was great to see my friends and to see the life they have set up for themselves out there. San Francisco really is a stunning city. I took an awful lot of photos, too many in all honesty, so I won’t post them all. I also did some filming, which I aim to edit and upload very soon along with more details about my trip.

So, for now, it will just be a few snaps – enjoy!


Pier 39




Me and the Golden Gate Bridge


Union Square




Inside Alcatraz





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