Work changes, new home and a kitten

It has been a while since I wrote anything. Life has been a little hectic during the last couple months. I have moved house and also had to come to terms with the department I worked in closing down; basically, I have been far too distracted by everything to settle down and write.

My time at work has been sad and full of uncertainty. Just as I was settling, we were told our department was closing. Changes were already happening at work, but news of the closure was something no one had expected. Thankfully, there were no redundancies, but this doesn’t change the fact that I will miss working with every single member of the team I was in. Most of all, I will miss my manager who always managed to cheer me up whenever I went in to work feeling down about my Mum.

I have remained in the building following the closure, seeing people go and new people come in. I have no idea where I will be based until October, but I do know that until then I will work within another department. I am nervous about working in a different place, yet I know I need to be upbeat and remind myself that it will all settle eventually.

In the middle of all this I also decided to move to a new house with my friend Jennifer. We were already living in a shared house, but during an afternoon of eating cake, we both realised we wanted to move somewhere else. Within a month or so we found the perfect place and immediately applied for it with all our fingers crossed. We succeeded and moved in two weeks ago on an incredibly hot day with the assistance of a very skinny man with a van, who was late because he’d had, “Quite a few Coronas the night before”.

Not long after we moved in, Maisey the kitten came in to our lives. She arrived one Wednesday evening in a Budweiser box and she has been an absolute delight ever since she arrived. She has been the perfect addition to our lovely little house. Even though she can be crazy, mischievous and get under our feet; she is still a very loving and happy cat. It’s nice to come home from work, where it all feels strange, to her bounding down the stairs meowing away, which I like to think is her way of saying hello.

13988191_10157354765945192_2333403853801534299_oThough it has been a manic time, and despite my work life completely changing, I refuse to let my anxiety get the better off me. I will try my best to remain positive and keep my sense of humour strong.



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