I have a friend

I have a friend that insults me every single day.

Most days, she tells me I have shit hair and that I am stupid.

Other times she’ll comment on how ugly I am and that my boyfriend will go off me.

She frequently digs at what I say and think. She’ll always be there to say that people don’t like me.

She loves to remind me of all my past mistakes.

She won’t ever let me believe that I will handle my OCD and anxiety.

Any time I fail, she is there to laugh and remind me that’s why I shouldn’t try.

She tells me I am not enough. She tells me I am nothing. She sometimes convinces me that I will never get anywhere.

She likes to hold me back because she thinks it is better to do nothing.

She doesn’t believe that I deserve happiness.

She is a total bitch.

But, this friend I cannot ignore so easily.

She is a part of me. She is that annoying voice that I have carried with me for so many years – from my childhood, my teens and to now, on the verge of turning 30.

I can’t let her break me anymore.

Now is the time to start ignoring her, to drown out her remarks and live my life the way I should.

Fuck you, friend.


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